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Why do we give our pupils homework?

  • Homework can make an important contribution to pupils’ progress
  • Homework encourages pupils to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning
  • To extend / consolidate / reinforce the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the classroom
  • Encourage pupils to develop long term strategies for independent work and study
  • Help pupils to develop skills in organisation and meeting deadline
  • To provide opportunities for parents and carers to work together to enjoy learning
  • To prepare pupils for High School

What types of homework should I expect my child to get?

  • Reading on a daily basis (with parents or carers for insecure readers)
  • Learning and practising spellings and mathematical skills and tables which could be through the use of ICT programs (Mathletics, My Maths, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs, IntoScience)
  • Completion of tasks
  • Reviewing, redrafting and completing a piece of work
  • Preparation for classwork / presentation
  • Research topics, projects and investigations
  • In all other subjects not stated below, homework will be given as required or as a project before/after a subject specific Enrichment Day.