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St John’s CofE Primary School

St John’s CofE Primary School

School Catering

The Dining Hall

We fully promote healthy eating across the school and encourage children to bring a healthy lunchbox if they choose to bring their own lunch. As a school, we do not allow chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks to be brought into school. For those children who prefer to have a school dinner, AIP provide a healthy, balanced and varied menu which follows a three week rota. In the dining hall, we ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to sit with their friends and enjoy their lunch together. At all times, politeness and good table manners are expected and reinforced.

Out on the playground

Our aim is to ensure that all children have plenty of opportunity to have fun, socialise and exercise during their lunchtime so that they feel refreshed and ready to continue their learning back in the classroom. The playground provides a stimulating environment where children can choose to join in structured games lead by lunchtime staff or alternatively, find a quiet space where they can socialise with their friends. To help organise lunchtime activities, Playground Leaders are there to help other children to enjoy their lunchtime. Whilst outside on the playground, the same high expectations for behaviour, as in the classroom, are upheld and the whole school Behaviour Policy is implemented by all members of staff working with the children. At the end of every lunchtime, the children are expected to walk calmly and quietly with their class back into school, ready to begin the afternoon.

Lunch Menus