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Parent Mail


ParentMail is an online payment system. It allows you to make payments with a Debit or Credit card using a Phone App. This will include payments for school trips, events, activities, music tuition, donations charities and more.

If there is something you can't find or are unsure of, please do not hesitate to call the School Office on 01562 745558.


Benefits of using Parentmail:

  • You do not have to send cash/cheques into school with your child
  • Payment can be by debit or credit card
  • Any debit or credit card can be used (i.e. grandparents and friends can make payments on the child's behalf)
  • Online receipts emailed to parents
  • Payments can be made in instalments for ANY trip or activity - e.g. £5 per week for total trip costs of £15.00 providing full payment is made before start of trip
  • Parent can log on and make multiple payments at the same time - e.g. music tuition, trip payment

How to pay...

  • You will need to register with your email address
  • If the school does not have your current email address just contact the school finance office who can update your email address in minutes

What will you need to make a payment?

  • A valid Debit or Credit Card