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Recent Competition Events

Autumn Term Update:-

During the Autumn Term 35% of all pupils in this school took part in a PE related after school or additional PE lesson / club. 55% of these pupils were boys 45% girls... we want to attract more girls in Spring Term.

22% of all attendees were PP, 6% were SEN and 7% EAL. We will be planning more indoor clubs next year due to the weather.

We attended 7 out of school events and took a total of 183 pupils of which 40 were classed as less active children. 52 of the pupils we sent had never represented their school in any sport previous to this.


We have a number of other events lined up next year and hope to beat these figures!! Please sign up for the next round of clubs in the New Year.




We are proud to be members of the Wyre Forest School Partnership and as a member we have the opportunity to enter a whole host of competitions for various different groups of children.  Competitions range from events that include just the pyramid of schools to those that are School Game Qualifiers.

Competitions this year have included Tag Rugby, Cross Country, Dodgeball, Indoor Athletics, Kho Kho, Multi-skills and Quicksticks Hockey.  In the past we have entered other competitions such as events that have included Boccia, Archery and New Age Curling, Netball, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Orienteering and Dance, calling for lots of different skills and aptitudes.  

Within each competition and event, various OFSTED criteria are met, such as providing a range of provisional and alternative sporting activities.   A sense of pride in representing the school is fostered and social skills are developed by meeting children from other schools, all contributing and having an impact on increased confidence and self-esteem.  Resilience and determination are nurtured, through competing in long distance events and in those events that require the children to work really hard as a team and as individuals to succeed and do their best. Children have the opportunity to apply skills that they have learnt in PE Lessons or extra-curricular clubs and experience playing competitions at a higher level. 

Children are also introduced to District Level Competitions. In the recent years, we have had children going onto District Level Cross Country Events.

Exit routes to the different community clubs are clearly identified at the competitions with representatives from each of the clubs being present.