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St John’s CofE Primary School

St John’s CofE Primary School

Welcome To Year 3

Welcome to Year 3, where the teachers are Mrs. Taylor (3RT) and Mrs. Hughes (3HH). We are supported by TAs Mrs. Dicks, Mrs. Whitehouse and Mrs. Aimes. Year 3 is a big change for your child as they are now in KS2! The children are expected to take more responsibility for their learning and become more independent. The children will learn to develop their ability to work independently, in pairs and as part of a group. They will begin to develop a love of learning that will help them take ownership of their learning.

The Year 3 curriculum is packed with lots of exciting learning opportunities, to begin with our topic is The Stone Age, and our History, D.T. and Science lessons will be linked via this topic. The children will improve their computing skills using some of our new notebooks and they will be able to have a mid-week well-being experience. Maths will encourage the children to investigate and reason once they have mastered the four operations. We will encourage the children to choose, read and talk about books to develop their love of reading.

We firmly believe that parents and carers who are actively involved with their child’s education and learning enable better progress, we look forward to working with you to develop your child’s full potential. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team if you have any issues or concerns and we will do our best to resolve them.

Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Hughes